LYKKE Grove & Indigo Fixed Circular Needles


It's gone a little LYKKE Blush crazy over the last week or so. All pre-orders are shipped, and all of our additional stock sold out in a matter of days. Having a look on Instagram, I can see that everyone loves those pink needles! We have all four of the Blush interchangeable needle sets on back-order, and they'll be arriving in the coming weeks. If you're looking to get a set, I'll let you know when they arrive. 

What I'm also excited about is we've recently added to our range of LYKKE Fixed Circular Needles. I'm pretty sure you know what we sell the full range of LYKKE's Driftwood Fixed Circulars; however, the great news is we've added LYKKE Indigo and LYKKE Grove! They're available in a wide range of popular needle sizes and lengths, and I've detailed them all below

LYKKE Indigo needles are made using LYKKE's classic birchwood with a gorgeous azure finish matched with laser engraved blue caps. LYKKE Grove bamboo needles are treated with LYKKE's proprietary process that enriches the bamboo to strengthen and smooth it. This is accentuated with laser engraved green caps. Both are a great addition to the ever-expanding range of LYKKE products. 

To add to the Indigo excitement, we've added LYKKE Indigo Double Pointed Needles, so if you're looking to pair these up with your indigo fixed circulars, you can do just that! We've also added LYKKE Indigo 6" Crochet Hooks too. 

If you're a fan of LYKKE Indigo, check out the full range available within the store.

 LYKKE Driftwood Fixed Circular Needles

LYKKE Indigo Fixed Circular Needles

LYKKE Grove Fixed Circular Needles

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