Blocking is Knitting Magic!

April 2021 - TNS Blog

First-time blockers are always amazed by the difference blocking makes to the final appearance of their knitting. After blocking, sweater parts lay flat, any wonky stitches even out, and everything now behaves nicely and looks great. It really is knitting magic!

At The Needle Store, we have plenty of products that will help you during the blocking process, including various products from Cocoknits, Soak no-rinse wash and gorgeous wooden mitten blockers from Aleks Byrd. 

The kits from Cocoknits are like gold dust at the moment, and we've managed to get ourselves a good amount of stock. These tend to fly out the door pretty quickly, so if you're interested, grab yours while you can. 

If you're new to blocking, there's some excellent information on the Cocoknits website that explains what blocking is and the reasons why you'd block your finished project. There's also a great video from Julie at Cocoknits that walks through the wet blocking process step-by-step. 

Hope that all helps and happy making all! - Mark 

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