LYKKE Blush Needle Sets


Well, the time has finally arrived. We're now in possession of our order of LYKKE Blush Interchangeable Needle Sets, and I must say, they look every bit as awesome as I thought they'd look. 

If you've pre-ordered a set, you would've received an email from us confirming that we'll be shipping your order out to you. Well done if you've managed to grab yourself one. I also want to thank you for your patience while we've been waiting for these to arrive. 

Some more good news! We've received a few more sets than we expected, so we have a limited supply after pre-orders. I'm anticipating they'll sell-out quickly based on the interest we've been getting, so please do grab one while you can. If you're looking to purchase and manage to get one, I hope you love those gorgeous pink needles as much as I do! 


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