Addi Socks by Woolly Hugs Double Pointed Needle Set


The Addi Socks Double Pointed Needle Set results from a collaboration between craft expert Veronika Hug and Addi. This is a great, comprehensive set of needles and accessories that any sock knitter would find extremely helpful. I also like that you get two cute sock shaped stitch markers! Nice. 

You'll get the following Addi Nature Bamboo Double Pointed Needles in 15cm (6") as well as 25cm (10") lengths. As per usual, you get five needles for each size and length. 

  • 2.5mm (US1.5)
  • 3mm (US2.5)
  • 3.5mm (US4)
  • 4mm (US6)

Also included:

  • Four bear-shaped needle huggers in green and yellow
  • Two Addi Love heart-shaped stitch markers
  • Two Addi Marker sock-shaped stitch markers
  • One Addi cable needle (2.5mm)
  • One pair of Addi Goldmarie scissors 
  • One tape measure (150cm)
  • One darning needle

All wrapped up in a beautiful purple case with two additional pockets for any extra needles you may want to stow on board!