LYKKE Cords for 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needles


LYKKE Interchangeable Cords are used with the range of LYKKE Interchangeable Needles. For the 13cm (5") needles, six lengths are available in six colours; Driftwood Black, Blush Hot Pink, Blush Pink, Grove Green, Cypra Clear and Indigo Blue.

  • 50cm (20")
  • 60cm (24")
  • 80cm (32")
  • 100cm (40")
  • 120cm (47")
  • 150cm (60")

Please note that the above sizes include the lengths of two 13cm (5") interchangeable needles. Check out our 'LYKKE Interchangeable Needles - Sizes Explained' article if you need some help with cord and needle length definitions.

Each pack contains:

  • x1 cord
  • x2 stoppers
  • x1 key

Blush Hot Pink, Blush Pink, Grove Green, Cypra Clear, and Indigo Blue cables swivel at the needle join. The Driftwood Black cables do not have a swivel joint. 

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