LYKKE Interchangeable Needles & Cords - Sizes Explained


We get quite a few questions from customers on the definitions of needle and cord lengths for the LYKKE interchangeable needles. Based on some great feedback we got from a customer, let's explain this in detail in one central place within the store. 

LYKKE Interchangeable Cord Lengths 

The cord length displayed on the packaging always includes the length of the two interchangeable needles and is measured from needle tip to needle tip. 

For example, the 40cm (16") cords for the 9cm (3.5") needles will not measure 40cm (16") out of the pack; however, when you add the two 9cm (3.5") needles, the cord plus the needle lengths will measure 40cm (16").

The same applies to the 13cm (5") needles; for example, the 50cm (20") cord plus the two 13cm (5") needles will measure 50cm (20") from needle tip to needle tip. The cord on its own doesn't measure 50cm (20"). 

LYKKE therefore quote cord lengths specific to either the 9cm (3.5") or 13cm (5") interchangeable needles. There's nothing stoping you from mixing a 13cm (5") needle with a cord for 9cm (3.5"); however, you'll probably need to use a tape measure to work out the total length. 

LYKKE Interchangeable Needle Lengths 

LYKKE consider the needle length to include the needle, plus the metal connector on both the needle and the cord. If you measure a 13cm (5") needle out of the pack, it doesn't measure 13cm (5"). When you add the cable to the needle and measure from the needle tip to the bottom of the metal connector on the cable, it will measure 13cm (5"). 

13cm (5") needle with the cord attached

9cm (3.5") needle with the cord attached

You'll probably notice that the 5" needle is exactly 13cm and just above 5", however LYKKE round it down to 5". The same applies to the 9cm needles, that's just above 3.5", however LYKKE round it down to 3.5". 

Any questions?

Hopefully, this helps. However, If you have any questions on this, pop your question below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Thank you for this—this answered my question!

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