LYKKE Cypra 13cm (5") Copper Interchangeable Needle Set - Black Vegan Suede Case


LYKKE Cypra 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needle Set is an excellent addition to LYKKE's ever-expanding range. We're so excited to see LYKKE make its first venture into metal knitting needles. The copper needles are untreated to enable them to develop a beautiful patina of iridescent oranges, purples, and greens, or you can restore the gleaming copper sheen using the LYKKE Cypra Polishing Cloth (sold separately).

This exceptional 13cm (5") Cypra interchangeable set comes with 12 pairs of cooper needles: 

  • 3.25mm - US 3
  • 3.50mm - US 4
  • 3.75mm - US 5
  • 4.00mm - US 6
  • 4.50mm - US 7
  • 5.00mm - US 8
  • 5.50mm - US 9
  • 6.00mm - US 10
  • 6.50mm - US 10.5
  • 8.00mm - US 11
  • 9.00mm - US 13
  • 10.00mm - US 15

The 7mm (US 10.75) needles are not included in the set; they can be purchased separately. This is a different size range to the LYKKE birchwood interchangeable sets. LYKKE have removed the 12mm (US 17) needles and have added the smaller 3.25mm (US 3) needles. 

Also included are the following: 

  • 2 clear swivel cords for 60cm (24")
  • 2 clear swivel cords for 80cm (32") 
  • 1 clear swivel cord for 100cm (40")
  • 2 connectors
  • 4 keys
  • 8 stoppers

The set is wrapped up in a beautiful and strikingly luxuriant black vegan suede case. We love it! Yet another resounding success from our friends at LYKKE. Click here for the complete range of LYKKE Cypra products.

Check out our 'LYKKE Interchangeable Needles - Sizes Explained' article for help with cord and needle length definitions.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sara G
So Cool!

I have both sets of these needles. They are unique, in that I have never seen copper knitting needles anywhere else. I am an electrician and earn a living with copper wire. So I am partial to copper as a medium.

These needles are smooth. I have been using the longer set for the past year. My projects stay put and there is no catching when knitting. You can let them develop a patina but I prefer the vivid copper color. The case looks great on my bookcase.

My only thing that bugs me is that there is no marking for size. That is not entirely uncommon in knitting needle land and can be remedied by having a gauge in the case. I am hoping Mark will stock the Lykke wooden gauge soon. One can never have enough gauges.

Alasdair Graham
Smooth knit.

So lucky enough to get a set of these copper needles. And I have now been knitting with them for the last 2 weeks. I can say, they are a really smooth knit. Not so smooth that knitting falls off the needle but there is also no catching either. They feel great as they warm up in your hands and also look awesome. I can't wait to see what colour they become through use .