Cocoknits Coloured Stitch Markers


As you would expect of any Cocoknits product, there's a lot of thought that's gone into designing what's in effect a simple tool - the stitch marker. I'm sure you'll agree; they're useful, but pesky little things that are easily lost down the sofa or eaten up by the vacuum cleaner. So, Cocoknits has worked to create a smooth, steel based, nylon coated marker in a rainbow of colours that helpfully 'stick' to the Cocoknits Maker's Keep. Love it.

Also, with their different colours, they're an integral part of Cocoknits Method, in which you'll use specific colours to mark sleeves, the body, front left and front right etc. Cleverly, this corresponds to the same colours on the Cocoknits Method Worksheet. Genius! 

  • Jumbo stitch markers accommodate needles up to 16mm (US19).
  • Original stitch markers accommodate needle sizes up to 9mm (US13).
  • Small markers accommodate needle sizes up to 4.5mm (US7).

Each box contains ten each of six colours.