Cocoknits Precious Metal Stitch Markers


The first set of stitch markers Cocoknits came out with were all nickel, but sometimes we all need a little more bling! Cocoknits asked about other finishes and found they could get gold, copper and silver and still maintain the steel magnetic base. That's great as they can 'stick' to the Cocoknits Marker's Keep.

These beautiful markers come in an impressive kraft box that's secured with a cute little magnet. Included within this set are:

  • 6 gold, silver, and copper large round stitch markers. 
  • 6 gold, silver, and copper small round stitch markers. 
  • 6 gold, silver, and copper opening stitch markers. 
  • There are 54 markers in total.
  • The large round stitch markers accommodate 10mm (US15) needles or smaller.
  • The small round stitch markers accommodate 5.5mm (US9) needles or smaller.
  • The opening stitch markers accommodate 8mm (US11) needles or smaller.