Cocoknits Maker's Board


The Cocoknits Maker's Board provides a helpful way to follow charts, patterns, recipes, and more. One side props up for an adjustable display, and the small magnets included in the kit can hold papers and small tools. You've also got super handy inner pockets to store your documents.

Julie at Cocoknits originally designed the Maker's Board to make it easier to read knitting charts. From there, the prototype evolved to hold little tools, recipes, or indeed a tablet. Like many of her clever inventions, we love it!

What you get:

  • Washable paper fabric folder and removable metal sheets.
  • Four round magnets covered in PLA (fermented plant fibres). No plastic!
  • Two small, round, uncovered magnets to hold your Cocoknits Row Counter, Stitch Markers, Snips, Cable Needles and other magnetic accessories (accessories not included).
  • Three powerful, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping the board and holding your other tools.
  • A quality linen drawstring bag with instructions on a hanging tag. 

Available in two colours - Kraft and Grey. The outer size is 28cm (11in) x 23cm (9in) when folded. The Cocoknits Ruler & Gauge Set and Colourful Magnet Set featured in the photos are available to purchase separately. 

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