Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers


The Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers are the ultimate starter kit for anyone who wants to try out the different styles of Cocoknits stitch markers. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just starting out, this set is perfect for experimenting with different markers to find your ideal fit.

Designed like a wine or craft beer tasting, the set comes with five different styles and sizes of markers, each in classic Cocoknits colours that are perfect for the Cocoknits Method. The markers are conveniently packaged in cute kraft paper tubes, with each tube containing 24 markers for easy storage and transport.

Whether you're looking to expand your stitch marker collection or searching for the perfect gift for a knitter in your life, the Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers is a must-have. With its convenient packaging and variety of markers, this set is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Trust us; you won't be disappointed with these handy and versatile markers! 

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