Addi CraSyTrio LONG 26cm (10.2") Flexible Double Pointed Needles

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One of the many reasons why I admire Addi is its ability to be innovative, and Addi's LONG CraSyTrio DPNs are certainly that. The three-piece set of flexible double pointed needles can knit the smallest diameters easily. When knitting in rounds, the stitches are divided over two needles, with the third needle doing the knitting. Very different from the usual five DPNs. Due to the flexible middle bit, the needle fits snugly into any hand and guarantees a great knitting experience. I also love the fact that they can be duel-purposed as cable needles. They're definitely fun and a little bit CraSy!

They're available in two lengths:

  • SHORT - 21cm (8.3") in needle sizes 2mm (US0) to 5mm (US8). 
  • LONG - 26cm (10.2") in needle sizes 4mm (US6) to 8mm (US11). 

There's a helpful PDF of the manual that you'll get with the needles. A good video from Addi's US partner, Skacel, is also below. FYI - they're called FlexiFlips in the US.