Addi Click Interchangeable Needles Explained

The vast majority of questions we get from customers are about interchangeable knitting needles and definitions of needle and cord length. This article centres around the needles and cords sold by Addi as part of their Addi Click collection.

The first thing I'll say is that the lengths quoted on the cord packaging do not equal the length of the cords. The cord 'length' will always include two interchangeable needles added to the cords. For example, the 40cm (16") Addi Click red cords will not measure 40cm; however, as soon as two Addi Click 9cm (3.5") needles are connected to the cords, it will measure 40cm in length.

Why do knitting needle manufactures do this you may ask? This is designed to make it easier when comparing to fixed circular knitting needles, which is essentially what you're creating by using the two components - the two needles and the cord. Fixed circular needles are always sold with a quoted length that includes the two needles and the fixed cord, as you would expect. To replicate that ease, the interchangeable cords are sold quoting the total length of the circular needle you're creating. Therefore if you want circular needles that are 40cm (16') using interchangeable cords and needles, you'll purchase cords that are sold as 40cm (16").

This sounds okay, but what happens if you have different lengths of interchangeable needles? This is where things can get confusing.

Addi sells two lengths of interchangeable knitting needles, 9cm (3.5") and 13cm (5"). Most of their interchangeable needles are 13cm (5"), except the 9cm (3.5") Lace and Novel Lace Interchangeable needles as of time of writing. So, if we have shorter needles, we need cords specific to the shorter needles, and that is precisely what Addi has done with their red cables for the 9cm (3.5") interchangeable knitting needles.

Now, Addi brands these as Lace cables, so you would naturally assume that these would be good for the longer 13cm (5") lace interchangeable needles; however, this is not the case - the cord length quoted on the package will always assume you're adding two 9cm (3.5") lace needles. So, the red lace cords should be used with the shorter 9cm (3.5") needles. You can of course use them with the 13cm (5") interchangeable needles, but you wont get the quoted length on the cord packaging.

Okay, what about the 13cm (5") interchangeable needles. We sell these in Basic and Lace, so you'll need to use the Addi Click gold cords for these interchangeable needles to get to the quoted lengths on the cord packaging. That's nice and simple. Phew! 

Right, onto needle lengths. Now, thankfully, Addi's needle lengths quoted on the pack actually equal the length of the interchangeable needle, which you would assume would be obvious. However, LYKKE, for example, quote their needle length to include part of the cord you attach. Let's not go there in this article; however, if you want more information on that you can find it here.

Another question we occasionally get is how to join the needle to the cord. There's a bit of a knack to it, but once you've got it, you've got it. 


The special feature of the Addi Click system is that all cords and needle tips can be combined with each other without the need for tools. The tips and cords can be joined together simply by turning and clicking. The patented Addi Click connection holds the tips securely on the cord after they have 'snapped' into place. If you’re from the UK, it’s a bit like a bayonet light flitting - push in and twist, but you'll need to ensure that everything aligns and you're twisting in the right direction, as it show in the diagram.

Hopefully, that's made things a little clearer. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to