LYKKE Blush 9cm (3.5") Interchangeable Needle Set - Fuchsia Denim

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LYKKE's Blush 9cm (3.5") Interchangeable Needle Set is brand new for 2021, and we're expecting to get this into stock in February 2021. It's a great addition to the already successful Driftwood, Indigo and Umber IC sets. Following along the lines of LYKKE's trade-mark denim case, we now have Fuchsia Denim that's unquestionably a bold statement of colour. We absolutely love it here at The Needle Store and can't wait to get our hands on it soon. 


The 9cm (3.5") interchangeable set comes with 9 pairs of striking pink needles. 

  • 3.25mm (US 3)
  • 3.50mm (US 4)
  • 3.75mm (US 5)
  • 4.00mm (US 6)
  • 4.50mm (US 7)
  • 5.00mm (US 8)
  • 5.50mm (US 9)
  • 6.00mm (US 10)
  • 6.50mm (US 10.5)

Also included are:

  • x2 hot pink cords for 40cm (16")
  • x1 hot pink cord for 50cm (20")
  • x1 hot pink cord for 60cm (24")
  • x2 connectors
  • x4 keys
  • x8 stoppers

    That's a lot of gorgeous pink knitting kit! 😍