Addi Click Lace Long 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needles

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The Addi Click Lace Long 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needles are the same length as the Addi Basic Needles but with a slightly pointier tip for ease of working with finer yarns and more intricate stitches, such as lace knitting.

Pairs of the 13cm (5") interchangeable needles are available in 10 sizes from 3.5mm (US 4) to 8mm (US 11). 

Click here for the gold Addi Click Cords for 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needles. Cords are available to make up 60cm (24"), 80cm (32"), and 100cm (40") circular knitting needles. Check out our 'Addi Click Explained' article for help with cord and needle length definitions