A LYKKE delivery day is always a great day at The Needle Store ūüöö

We always get excited when we see boxes delivered and they're full of what we love, knitting needles and crochet hooks, and lots of them. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many businesses and supply chains across the globe, including Nepal, where LYKKE is based. Nepal had restrictions in place for several months that impacted the movement of goods. Thankfully, as things improve for the people of Nepal, a number of these measures were lifted. LYKKE support the growth and development of the local economy in Nepal, so this is excellent news.

This now means that we have the majority of LYKKE knitting needles and crochet hooks back in stock. All of the return to stock items tend to whizz out the door, so grab yours while you can!

Back in stock at The Needle Store 
LYKKE Driftwood 5" Interchangeable Needle Set
LYKKE Driftwood 6" Double Pointed Needle Set
LYKKE Driftwood 10" Straight Needle Set
LYKKE Grove 5" Interchangeable Needles 

      If you requested a 'back in stock' notification, you would have received an email from us notifying you of the good news. 

      New additions to The Needle Store 

      Along with getting more needles and hooks back into stock, we've also introduced a few more LYKKE Umber and LYKKE Grove needle sets to the store. They're a great addition, and further support our aim to cover the majority of LYKKE knitting and crochet tools at The Needle Store.

      LYKKE Umber 6" Double Pointed Needle Set - Large

      The LYKKE Umber DPN sets are available in two separately sized collections; the large set covers needle sizes 4mm (US 6) to 9mm (US 13). 

      LYKKE Umber 6" Double Pointed Needle Set Set - Small 

      The small DPN set covers needle sizes 2mm (US 0) to 3.75mm (US 5). 

      LYKKE Grove 5" Interchangeable Set - Basketweave

      The 13cm (5") interchangeable set comes with 12 pairs of bamboo needles from size 3.25mm (US 3) to 10.00mm (US 15) and is displayed in LYKKE's uniquely beautiful basketweave case. 

      LYKKE Grove 3.5" Interchangeable Set - Basketweave

      The 9cm (3.5") set comes with nine pairs of bamboo needles from size 3.25mm (US 3) to 6.50mm (US 10.5) and is again displayed in LYKKE's basketweave case. 

      Happy shopping and I hope you find everything you need for your project. If you have any comments, suggestions, likes, wants; please do email me at mark@theneedlestore.com.

      Mark ūü§ď

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