Sajou Tour Eiffel Gilded Embroidery Scissors with Pink Charm


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The Eiffel Tower was constructed for the Universal Exhibition in 1889. It was during this exhibition that Jacques-Simon Sajou was awarded a silver medal. The Sajou gilded Eiffel Tower design is a re-issue of this time. I'm sure you'll notice the detail of the grid pattern simulating the metallic girders of the Tower, simply gorgeous attention to detail. 

The pair of scissors comes with a pink Eiffel Tower charm, made especially for this design. The pink pompom was made in a soft furnishings workshop in the Saint Etienne region of France. 

As with all quality scissors, they have traces of pairing. Before dipping the steel, the blades are precisely adjusted to make a pair. They're marked; generally by a number as being two parts of a precise pair of scissors; separated before dipping, which gives them their hardness; reassembled, readjusted and finished.

They're lovingly presented in the trade-mark Sajou box, and there's even a helpful label on the inside that explains the fascinating handmade manufacturing process.  

Length - 10cm

Hand made by Artisans in France.