Merchant & Mills Snap Tool


The Merchant & Mills Snap Tool & Anvil is the ultimate tool for setting snaps on all your sewing and crafting projects. With this durable steel tool in your collection, you'll only need to make a single purchase to be ready to set snaps on as many projects as you like.

This tool is specifically designed for setting Merchant & Mills 14mm snaps and can be used with a hammer to apply the necessary pressure for a secure snap closure. With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to quickly and easily set snaps with professional-level results.

Snaps are available in packs of 20 in three classic finishes - Nickel,  Gunmetal, and Brass. Whether you're working on a new bag, jacket, or any other sewing or crafting project that requires snaps, the Merchant & Mills Snap Tool & Anvil has got you covered.