LYKKE Blush 15cm (6") Crochet Hook Set - Magenta Basketweave


The LYKKE Blush 15cm (6") Crochet Set is displayed in the sumptuous pink LYKKE magenta basketweave case. This impressive set comes complete with ten popular crochet hook sizes. I also love that you get a choice of four colours: Driftwood, Indigo, Umber, and now Blush. You also get a selection of two stunning pink cases; fuchsia denim and the more textured magenta basketweave. 

The set includes the following pink hook sizes:

  • 3.50mm - E4
  • 3.75mm - F5
  • 4.00mm - G6
  • 4.50mm - US7
  • 5.00mm - H8
  • 5.50mm - I9
  • 6.00mm - J10
  • 6.50mm - K10.5
  • 8.00mm - L11
  • 9.00mm - M13

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