KOEL Magazine Issue 12


KOEL Magazine Issue 12 contains fresh, crisp, stylish ideas to make your home even more stunning. Start a weaving, embroidery, knitting or crochet project today! You'll enjoy reading KOEL's makers' interviews and be inspired by how they use yarns to create the most beautiful fibre art. Look inside the new KOEL Barcelona home and discover new ways to decorate your home with your craft projects.

Featured artists:

Crochet: Jeanette Bøgelund Bentzen and Laetitia Dalbies  

Knitting: Manon Zwerver and Anne Ventzel  

Macramé: Zaya Gilchrist

Needlework: Stefanija Pejchinovska   

Punch Needling: Emilia Rogińska 

Weaving: Andreia Marques and Kerstin Neumüller 

KOEL have a special series about felting with Maria van Pelt and Vilt aan Zee. As always, lots of KOEL goodies and a curated collection of yarn and craft finds from all corners of the world. When you're done browsing, get hooked on the KOEL-exclusive patterns inside.

The gorgeous illustrations in this Issue are by Giselle Dekel.