KOEL Magazine Issue 11


KOEL Magazine Summer Issue 11 is here! Bright and beautiful! KOEL's new logo certainly brings them into the limelight; there's no hiding anymore. You can't gloss over it when browsing the titles at your local indie-mag kiosk or yarn store. Even better, you can order directly from The Needle Store. How's that for a start of the long and lazy summer days we've all been craving so much. 

KOEL's latest content will blow you wherever your craft journey may take you. More daring and thought-provoking. Outside your comfort zone is where you want to be, and there you will remain. As the world enters uncharted territory, KOEL's international contributors are with you to stay the course.

We bring you Aude Herrard, Milla Novo, Tamar Tamplonius, Flor Samoilenco, Sara Moore, Charlotte Wakefield, Laura Borgers, Rita Teles, Fanny Godefroid and Maartje Bos.

And needless to say, many exciting patterns to fill your calendar. Now is the perfect time to home-nest in your private sanctuary and start crafting. Made at home for your home. 

Be KOEL! 😁