KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook Set

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KnitPro's range of Zing Crochet Hooks are beautifully smooth and come in a broad of range of colour-coded sizes that correspond to the full spectrum of KnitPro's Zing range. That's useful when you're working with different tools, and you need to find the corresponding size quickly. The hooks are made out of superior grade aluminium and have the size, rather helpfully, stamped on the thumb grip. 

This incredible crochet hook set covers nine of the most popular sizes in a gorgeous red and blue striped case. You get the following hooks within the set:

  • 2mm - A0
  • 2.5mm 
  • 3mm 
  • 3.5mm - E4
  • 4mm - G6
  • 4.5mm - US7
  • 5mm - H8
  • 5.5mm - I9
  • 6mm - J10 

We also cover KnitPro's individual Zing Crochet hooks from size 2mm (A0) to 6mm (J10). You can find those here