KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Crochet Hook Set

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KnitPro Waves Soft Grip Crochet Hooks are very conveniently colour coded to help you recognise your hook instantly. The flawlessly smooth and lustrous aluminium finish helps your stitches glide with little effort. The all-important ergonomic soft-grip handle allows you to crochet comfortably.

This set features nine of the most regularly used KnitPro Waves crochet hooks, and are presented in either a shocking pink or fluorescent green zip-up faux leather case.

The set contains hook sizes:

  • 2mm - A0
  • 2.5mm 
  • 3mm 
  • 3.5mm - E4
  • 4mm - G6
  • 4.5mm - US7
  • 5mm - H8
  • 5.5mm - I9
  • 6mm - J10 

The Needle Store also covers the full range of individual KnitPro Waves Crochet hooks from 2mm to 12mm. You can find those here