KnitPro Bamboo Afghan/Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

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The KnitPro Interchangeable Bamboo Crochet Hook Set is made from carefully selected Japanese bamboo and is strong, sturdy, but surprisingly lightweight. Perfect for Afghan/Tunisian crochet. 

The silky hook finish and smooth joins allow for snag-free effortless crafting. The beautiful set is enclosed in a green fabric case with a clear vinyl front flap for useful storage of your hooks. The set comes with the eight of the most common crochet hook sizes that are approximately 15cm (6") long:

  • 3.5mm (E4)
  • 4.0mm (G6)
  • 4.5mm (US7)
  • 5.0mm (H8)
  • 5.5mm (I9)
  • 6.0mm (J10)
  • 7.00mm (K10 3/4)
  • 8.00mm (L11)

You also get:

  • x1 cable to make 60cm
  • x2 cables to make 80cm
  • x1 cable to make 100cm
  • x8 end caps 
  • x4 cable tightening keys
  • x1 set of cable connectors 

All-in-all a gorgeous interchangeable set from KnitPro. Love it.