HiyaHiya Accessory Set C with Accessory Case


The HiyaHiya Accessory Set C offers a selection of best-selling HiyaHiya knitting and crochet accessories and is presented in HiyaHiya's trade-mark Chinese brocade accessory case.

Accessory Set C contains the following:

1 x set of multi-coloured yarn ball stitch markers
1 x pair of small and large panda point protectors (super cute)
1 x set of darn it needles
1 x tape measure
1 x set of stitch holders (three different sizes)
1 x set of knitter's safety pins
1 x animal snips

1 x gorgeous accessory case.

Case design and colour supplied may vary from the image shown. There's a wide range of case designs and it's pure chance which one you get - how exciting!