Cocoknits Leather Cord Set


If you're anything like me, you have many projects going on at one time. Now you can hold the live stitches of several projects simultaneously with this extra set of leather cords.

Designed to be used with the Cocoknits Leather Cord & Needle Stitch Holder Kit, these extra cords are vegetable-tanned, like the Cocoknits Leather Handle Kitand we've found they don't dry out as quickly as the original cords. They start out softer and require less conditioning so that they won't stick to yarn as much. For your more rustic yarns, or if you don't mind conditioning often - the ones included in the original kit work fine, but these new extras work better for finer yarns. 

If you find over time the leather gets on the 'sticky' side, you could use some beeswax. Leather has a grain, so be sure to 'go with the grain' when sliding stitches on and off the cord.

The current Cocoknits Leather Cord & Needle Stitch Holder Kits now contain these lower maintenance cords.