Clover Pom-Pom Maker Set (Multi-Size)


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Clover Pom-Pom Maker Set comes with four separate pom-pom makers in the following sizes:

  • 35mm (13/8 inch) 
  • 45mm (15/8 inch)
  • 65mm (21/2 inch)
  • 85mm (33/8 inch)

I love this set as you get a wide range of different sizes all in the one kit. Clover has also included a measuring scale on the arch that makes it easy to create multi-coloured pom-poms. 

I'm a big hat knitter and very rarely make a hat without a pom-pom, so these kits are in constant use when it comes to finishing off my new fluffy hat. They can, of course, be used for other projects such as decorating scarves, gloves, sweaters and other cool accessories. The possibilities are boundless. I love a pom-pom and love making these little guys with the Clover Kits. They come in an assortment of additional sizes; extra smallsmalllarge and the whopping great extra large kit for some pretty fabulous pom-poms.

Need some nice sharp scissors? Check Clover's range of Patchwork Scissors in a wide range of sizes. 

Click on the helpful video tutorial below if you're a newbie to pom-poms. They're super easy and loads of fun to make.