Clover Chibi Darning Needle Set (Bent Tip)


Clover's Chibi darning needles are super handy, whether you're sewing up your latest work, or you're repairing it, they're great to have close at hand. 

Clover has, very nicely, provided a clear plastic tube with a screw-on cap, so you don't, like me, lose them down the back of the sofa. Clover has five different versions of their needles that include darning needles of various sizes as well as tapestry needles. I've provided links below to take you directly there. 

The Clover Chibi Darning Needle Set (Bent Tip) includes two size 15 needles and one size 17 needle. All three have bent tips. 

Darning Needle Set 
Jumbo Darning Needle Set (Bent Tip) 
Lace Darning Needle Set 
Super Jumbo Tapestry Needle Set