Aleks Byrd Knit Gnome Pattern


The holiday Knit Gnome designed by Aleks Byrd is a perfect knitting companion! Designed using a DK weight yarn held double to make the original size but can be easily adapted with thicker or thinner yarn and larger or smaller needles for alternate sizes. 

The pattern is printed in an A5 booklet format on 130gsm silk matte finish paper with a stapled spine. A Ravelry download code is included in the pattern. 

The printed pattern includes instructions to create a gnome with options for a beard or braid and links to some video tutorials for various elements of gnome construction and crochet provisional cast-on.

Pattern notes:

  • The gnome is knit from the base of the body to the top of the hat. Stitches are cast-on with waste yarn to allow the gnome to be stuffed.
  • The hat features stripes and a simple flecked colourwork pattern.
  • The waste yarn cast-on is taken out, and stitches placed back onto your needles to finish the base. Before completing the base, the gnome is stuffed. The base is finished by decreasing similarly to the crown shaping on a hat.
  • Included in the pattern are options for beard or braids to add features to your gnome.
  • The nose and beard are knitted separately, then sewn onto the body with a bit of stuffing.
  • The arms are knit directly onto the body by picking up stitches from the body. The hands are slightly stuffed before finishing.
  • The stocking is knit separately and left unfinished with live stitches transferred to cocktail sticks or toothpicks.


John Arbon Textiles Knit by Numbers DK - 100% Falkland Merino

Grey body/blue hat:
  • Main body – Grey (KBN 04), 125m/137yds, 50g
  • Hat – Blue (KBN 84), 63m/69yds, 25g
  • Hair/hat contrast – White (KBN 55), 63m/69yds, 25g
Green body/red hat:
  • Main body – Green (KBN 93), 125m/137yds, 50g
  • Hat – Red (KBN 19), 63m/69yds, 25g
  • Hair/hat contrast – White (KBN 55), 63m/69yds, 25g



The gauge will affect the finished size of your gnome. Be sure that your gauge creates a dense fabric as you don’t want any stuffing to be visible.


Your gauge will affect the finished size of your gnome. Each gnome is approximately 28cm / 11" tall and 11cm / 4.5” wide.