AddiClick Nature Olive Wood 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needle Set

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The AddiClick Nature Olive Wood Click Set is a stunning collection of 13cm (5") interchangeable knitting needles. This is the crème de la crème of Addi interchangeable sets and something exceptional to own or give as a gift to a very special person. As the rich grain of olive wood is unique, each needle is one of a kind. Every piece is lovingly hand finished and coated with natural waxes that give the olive wood a gorgeous radiant sheen. 

This superb set comes with eight pairs of 13cm (5") needles:

  • 3.5mm (US4)
  • 4.0mm (US6)
  • 4.5mm (US7)
  • 5.0mm (US8)
  • 5.5mm (US9)
  • 6.0mm (US10)
  • 7.0mm (US10 3/4)
  • 8.0mm (US11) 

Also included are:

  • Click cord for 60cm (24") circular needles
  • Click cord for 80cm (32") circular needles
  • Click cord for 100cm (40") circular needles
  • Cable connector 
  • Addi gold pin

I've added Addi's video of the set below. Now it's in German; however, it gives you a great visual overview, unless of course, your German is better than mine! 😁

For more information on the AddiClick system of interchangeable needles, click here.