AddiClick Mix 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needle Set


The AddiClick Mix 13cm (5") Interchangeable Needle Set is a beautiful set of Addi's 13cm (5") Lace and Basic interchangeable needles.

Lovingly created through a collaboration with Addi and Sylvie Rasch, you get eight pairs of interchangeable needles. One of the pair is Addi Basic and the other Addi Lace. Addi Basic needles have a blunt, rounded tip, whereas Addi Lace has a sharper end for your more intricate stitches. Knit with different needle tips on the right or left, change needle sizes whenever you need or vary the cord lengths. There are so many possible combinations!

The set is displayed in a beautiful bright yellow silk-lined wallet style case. It features eight different needle sizes, three different lengths of red cord, and one connector. 

  • 3.5mm (US4)
  • 4.0mm (US6)
  • 4.5mm (US7)
  • 5.0mm (US8)
  • 5.5mm (US9)
  • 6.0mm (US10)
  • 7.0mm (US10.75)
  • 8.0mm (US11)

Also included are:

  • Click cord for 80cm (32") circular needles
  • Click cord for 100cm (40") circular needles
  • Click cord for 120cm (47") circular needles
  • Cable connector
  • Addi pin

For more information on the AddiClick system of interchangeable needles, click here.