Addi Basic Fixed Circular Needles - 20cm (8")

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Addi Basic Fixed Circular Needles are Addi's classic, well-known, well-loved aluminium circular needles. To make these needles nice and fast, their surface is treated with polished white bronze. Known as AddiTurbo in the U.S., they're great for knitters who like their stitches to speed across the needles. They're a well-used and well-loved long-term addition to my knitting kit. 

If you're looking for Addi's lace needles with the sharper tip, you can find those here

Addi produces these needles in a large range of lengths and needle sizes, and The Needle Store proudly covers them all. Click on the sizes below to take you to each length:

If you're the same as me and like to keep things nice and organised, check out the Lantern Moon Fixed Circular Needle Cases