Addi 25cm (10") Single Pointed Bamboo Needles

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Addi's Single Pointed Bamboo Needles are crafted using lightweight, sustainably sourced bamboo finished with a long-lasting Carnauba wax coating. Smooth and strong for effortless knitting. The needles have standard points for all-round use and are naturally warm to the touch - great for arthritic hands.

If you're starting on your journey into the marvellous world of knitting, these are a great starting position. The bamboo gives a certain amount of purchase to your stitches - great, as that helps prevent your stitches from speeding off the needles. The 25cm (10") single pointed needles are available in needle sizes 2.5mm (US1.5) to a chunky 15mm (US19). 

Addi's Bamboo Single Points are available in two lengths. Click below to take you to the needle that you're interested in.