A Little Book of Moon-Inspired Shawls by Pauliina Kuunsola


A Little Book of Moon-Inspired Shawls is an expression of gratitude for the moon in knitted form. This booklet includes nine shawl patterns inspired by the phases of the moon. The designs feature different shawl shapes, such as crescent, asymmetric triangle and pi, and different textures — there is even a little bit of embroidery!

The paperback is much more than just a collection of knitting patterns. It offers a unique look into the moon, its cyclical nature and its associated beliefs. It also gives tips on working with the moon and shares insights on how the moon phases can be used to guide other things in life, including your knitting. Enjoy your knitting journey through the days of the moon cycle and tap your toes into its mystic shadows and illuminating light!

Pauliina Kuunsola is a knitwear designer and tech editor who is a senior editor at Laine Publishing. She likes to design patterns that are relaxing to knit and loves exploring the endless possibilities of simple stitches and stitch patterns. Colours, textures, nature, the night sky and the mystic realms inspire Pauliina. 

"Simply cast on and knit your hopes, dreams, wishes, desires and goals into your project — stitch by stitch, in sync with the moon."

  • 112 pages
  • Nine knitting patterns for shawls
  • Small paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-952-7468-86-9
  • Weight: Approx. 45 g / 0.1 lb 
  • Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 9 mm.
  • Printed in Estonia.

Pattern previews are available on Laine's website and Raverly