Lantern Moon Measuring Tapes


These gorgeous Lantern Moon Measuring Tapes come in a variety of little animals, as well as a flower, and make any knitting or crafting accessory bag come to life with a bit of fun! All tape measures have both imperial and metric measurements and are 150cm (60") long. Soooo cute! 

Fluffy Sheep Tape Measures - Merino (white), Wooly (Grey) and Balwen (Black)
These whimsical sheep tape measures come in a variety of natural colours. 

Sock Monkey Tape Measure
This hand-crocheted sock monkey tape measure is sure to make you smile.

Ladybird Tape Measure
This hand-crocheted ladybird tape measure will always be easy to spot, thanks to his cheery red colour. 

Fish Tape Measure
This hand-crocheted turquoise fishy will help you accurately measure your work if you pull his tail.  

Sunflower Tape Measure
This hand-crocheted bright Sunflower tape measure will brighten up your day and measure your work.