Cocoknits Four Corner Bag


Julie, the founder of Cocoknits, was frustrated with the classic project bag design because it's too one-dimensional and challenging to get into. She desired a bag that could open up effortlessly and could be multi-purposed, which this gorgeous bag clearly can be. The bag is made of rustic, durable unbleached linen and looks très chic. The bags are customisable and if you're looking for some inspiration, check out the Cocoknits website.

There's the option to add Cocoknits No-Sew Leather Handles or your own handles. Either way, instructions are included for tying on handles so when you spill wine, coffee or anything on your bag, no problem! Remove the handles, wash the bag, and reattach! 

Please note that the Cocoknits No-Sew Leather Handles are sold separately.