Color & Knit Mittens by Aleks Byrd


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Color & Knit Mittens by Aleks Bryd is a beautiful knitting pattern colouring book that features twelve mitten patterns for stranded colourwork. Each design is provided twice in black and white to colour in and create your unique colour combinations.

If you've been reluctant to work with colour before, or you've always wanted to dabble in designing, you're going to enjoy this book. Designer and author Aleks Byrd isn't just a keen mitten designer; she's also a fantastic illustrator. Her first book reflects both of those passions. Each design is based on traditional Estonian mittens, drawing on Alek's heritage and love of colourwork.  

You'll get twelve Nordic-inspired mitten designs in colouring chart format with two colouring chart pages for each design, a pattern index of all 12 designs for an idea of how the colourwork pattern will look, and instructions on how to add and knit Latvian braids and Estonian vikkel braids. 

The paper used in the book is suitable for colouring pencils, and it's all lovingly printed in the USA.