The Shetland Trader, Book Three: Heritage by Gudrun Johnston


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Get ready for an unprecedented blend of groovy 70s silhouettes, classic Shetland colourwork, and contemporary design elements. Think of bold outlines and shapes which feature intricate, time-honoured Fair Isle motifs. The third book contains eleven patterns (seven garments and four accessories) by Shetland-born knitwear designer Gudrun Johnston.

The designs incorporate the traditional Shetland knitting techniques and motifs Gudrun has helped popularise internationally and represent a throwback to the made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s by Patricia Johnston, Gudrun’s mother. Exclusively for this book, Gudrun has selected some of her mother’s best-loved designs and updated them for twenty-first-century knitters.

You can access a digital copy via Ravelry using the download code printed on the inside cover of the magazine.